Why are Stuhrling watches so cheap on Amazon

Why are Stuhrling watches so cheap on Amazon?

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There are dozens of companies that produce quality dive watches and Stuhrling has earned a reputation as one of the best-selling brands. However, why are Stuhrling watches so cheap on Amazon? 

In order to answer this question let’s consider where Stuhrling watches are made and also the watch movements. Stuhrling offers varying watch models. Some are better than others because of higher quality movements and its important to recognize the difference between the lower and higher end models. So let’s talk about where Stuhrling watches are made and their movements. 

Stuhrling Depthmaster “Swiss Automatic movement”

why are stuhrling watches so cheap on amazon
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Where are Stuhrling watches made?

One of the main details that impacts the cost of a product is where it’s made. Some of the cheapest electronics are produced in Hong Kong, which is where Stuhrling watches come from.
There are hundreds of factories mass-producing consumer electronics on grand scales, resulting in dirt-cheap prices for various components. Due to the lack of quality control, defects are more common.

Stuhrling Watch Movements

Some Stuhrling watches feature Chinese Tourbillon movements and some feature Swiss-made movements. The Swiss-movement Stuhrling original automatic models are the more expensive models and have more a high-end mechanism. 

Sounds great, but… are Stuhrling watches any good? Read on while we dive into the pros and cons!

Cheaper models

Where are Stuhrling watches made?
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It’s reasonable to be skeptical about a brand before spending your hard-earned money. While these watches are popular, some of the options are much cheaper compared to the competition. Here is what you should know about Stuhrling dive watches before splashing out on one!



Starting with the pros, Stuhrling watches have several features that help make them suitable options for your next dive watch, including:

● Durable water-resistant construction

● A variety of luxurious designs

● High-end models featuring quality watch movements

● Affordable prices for reliable watches

Stuhrling Original Automatic Depthmaster with Swiss movement

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Whether you get one of the cheaper watches or a higher-priced model, you get a durable watch. Stuhrling uses real stainless steel and a detailed testing process. The watches are tested in the lab and most models are rated for 200 meters.

The watches are also available a wide range of styles and designs. Whether you prefer a classic look or a modern style, there is a design to suit your needs.

As mentioned, you also have the option of getting a Stuhrling Divemaster Automatic with Swiss-made movement. Some of the higher-priced Stuhrling watches use quality movements. In fact, the Tourbillon movements are considered some of the best available, standing up to the quality of the Swiss-made parts.

With Swiss Automatic movement models, you get a superior Swiss-made automatic self-winding mechanism with 36-hour power reserve. With these high-end movements, you can typically expect to pay $1000 or more. Stuhrling offers these watches at $400 or less, which again leads to the question of “why are Stuhrling watches so cheap on Amazon?” 


Part of the reason for this lower cost is due to some of the potential drawbacks of buying a Stuhrling watch:

  • There are concerns over the quality of the watches.
  • Warranties do not cover shipping.
  • Some models have been reported as ‘not keeping time accurately’.

The biggest concern is the quality of the watches. The exterior is durable and well built but some of the internal components are inferior to what you find inside of a Seiko or Casio watch.If the watch does malfunction, it’s difficult to rely on the warranty for a replacement. The warranty doesn’t cover shipping, which can sometimes cost $50 to send back to Hong Kong.The final concern is that some models don’t keep time accurately. Just remember that this is more of an issue with the budget watches featuring the cheaper Chinese movements.


This Stuhrling Depthmaster Review dives a little deeper (lol) into the features of the Stuhrling model featuring Swiss-made movements

We will also consider what customers think and guide you to the best price if you want to buy one. We also point to a couple of alternatives for you to consider. 


It is water resitant to 200 metres (660 feet) – this is a good depth resistance for a dive watch. 


This one features automatic high quality Swiss-made movement with 36 hour power reserve. Automatic self-winding mechanical movement means you’ll never need a battery. Your natural wrist movement keeps the watch running. 

Stuhrling Depthmaster Automatic with Swiss Movement

stuhrling depthmaster review

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More than a pretty face, this diving watch is rugged. This Stuhrling dive watch features a screw down crown, rubber gaskets and protective scratch proof crystal designed to withstand the pressures of diving.  
The 42mm case is 316L Surgical Grade Steel. 
The Dial Window (cover of the watch dial) is Krysterna Crystal. It is thought that this material is unique to Stuhrling but it stands up to its purpose. They claim this is a high quality crystal designed to offer clarity and durability. This material makes the watch shatter-proof and protected from breaks and cracks. 
The Analog display features luminous hands and indices which makes it perfect for low visibility underwater. 
The Stainless steel unidirectional Bezel means that the bezel rotates one way. This will allow you measure how much time you are under the water. 

  • The Clasp is push button with a safety clasp
  • Case diameter: 42 mm
  • Case thickness: 14 mm
  • Band width: 22 mm

Read customer reviews, see the models available and Stuhrling watches price range on Amazon below. Click on the image to view. (The dollar signs indicate Stuhrling watches Amazon prices.)


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Stuhrling has a mixed reputation. While most customers agree that they produce quality dive watches, some customers have complained about the movement malfunctioning.

A lot of work goes into the exquisite design of the Stuhrling watches but some of the components are sourced from cheap factories. There is a risk that the movement or other parts may eventually malfunction, especially in the models featuring the cheaper Chinese movements.However, there are plenty of people that stand by their long-lasting Stuhrling watches.

If you check out the average ratings for some of these watches, you’ll notice that an overwhelming percentage of customers give the watches high marks.The bottom line is that Stuhrling has stylish dive watches at decent prices.If you are worried about the quality of the movement, make sure you get one of the watches featuring a Swiss-made or Tourbillon movement that we have clearly labelled with Swiss movement in this post. These movements tend to last longer and keep time better.


Hopefully this post has answered and made clearer that ‘why are Stuhrling watches so cheap on Amazon?’ question. The Stuhrling watch review has hopefully helped you to determine if the Stuhrling Depthmaster is for you. If you want an alternative to Stuhrling, take a look at the dive watches below. If you’re looking for Scuba dive watches with depth gauge, check out our post here


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This is my personal favorite!

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