Why You Need a Dive Bag

Whether you are traveling to snorkel in azure shallows or dive into the deep, you need appropriate dive bags that can protect your expensive gear. Additionally, the bag you choose should also be able to withstand whatever careless airport baggage handlers can dish out. Plus, it has to be large enough to accommodate the necessary gear and strong enough to protect it from damage.

Why do I need a specialist dive bag?

The answer is simple really. A bag that is made specifically to accommodate delicate and expensive scuba equipment is loads better than one you use to store your gym clothes in. Besides protecting your equipment during travel, the bag is made of materials that prevent salt water damage. 

In specialist dive bags, there are often separate compartments and pockets for certain gear like fins that make packing a breeze. 

Top 5 Dive Bags for Traveling

Depending on the gear you have, you have your pick of dive bags. So which one should you pick for your diving expedition? Here are the 5 best dive bags for travel that give good value for money:

1. Cressi MOBY 5 Roller Luggage Bag (115L)

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The Cressi MOBY 5 Luggage Bag is large but will carry all your gear with ease. Use it as a trolley bag or a backpack. 

It is durable yet light made from 300 and 400 Denier fabric. There are several pockets and compartments including side pockets for fins. 

2. Aqualung Explorer II Roller Bag

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The Aqualung Explorer II Roller Bag is ideal for globetrotting scuba enthusiasts who need a bag that can take the rigors of travel head-on. It boasts a solid design, robust corner reinforcements (8 corner guards), and stiff skid rails. 

Once it is set upright, it doesn’t fall over or tilt, making it solid as a rock – a feature that you will be grateful for when you’re standing in those long, jostling lines.


3. Scubapro Caravan SCUBA Gear Bag

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The Scubapro Caravan SCUBA Gear Bag is designed to be rolled easily from your car to the airport and straight to a boat without damaging the delicate gear inside. 

It is made from a material that is a combination of reinforced polyester PVC, nylon, and a strong polyester/PU lining in the interior that prevents salt damage. Traction polyester thread provides extra strength and durability that gives this bag a big thumbs-up from satisfied divers.

4. Scubapro Travel Bag

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The Scubapro Travel Bag is described as a 2 in 1 transport system that is designed to remain sturdy and protect gear during travel. 

The 2-piece system comes with a removable backpack that is perfect for valuable equipment that you want to take on the plane with you, while the main bag has enough space for your dive gear and clothes.


5. Mares Cruise Buddy Roller Bag

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The Mares Cruise Buddy Roller Bag is spacious, robust and boasts a range of features that the globetrotting diver would appreciate. The telescoping handle and wide wheel base provides stability which is essential when you are navigating a busy airport. 

This also includes compression straps that are adjustable so that the dimensions of the bag can be compressed if it is not packed to the brim. In other words, you don’t have to look for a smaller bag if you don’t have much equipment to take.

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