Free Breath Snorkel Mask Review: 5 Picks for the Best Experience

Free Breath Snorkel Mask Review: 5 Picks for the Best Experience

Maoyea Full Face Snorkel Mask

Free breath snorkel masks, also known to some as full-face snorkeling gear, have gained massive popularity in just a little time. They are the perfect friends for a beginner snorkeler while also providing the right balance of functionality and fun for the intermediate diver.

Even the experienced snorkelers are warming up to it, and that should tell you about the importance of this unit.

Allowing for natural breathing and improved visibility while also eliminating the causes of jaw fatigue, there is no reason why you should not have one for your next diving session.

That is why we have reviewed five of the best picks from the sea of options (pun intended) out there that you would love!

Let’s dive into it (double pun score!!!), shall we?

1 Maoyea Full Face Snorkel Mask

Is it a bird? Is it a spaceship? Oh, it’s a snorkeling face mask, and we are well pleased with it.

The ergonomic design of the Maoyea Full Face Snorkel Mask makes it suitable for men, women, and children with different head shapes and sizes. The mask is also highly functional in bringing anti-fog protection on board for better visibility while maintaining an air-tight compartment at all times.

Featuring a combination of colors to match, you also get to turn up your style with this unit.


  • Comes with camera mount (detachable) to capture the underwater experience in handsfree mode
  • Safety floating ball mechanism blocks water from entering through the breathing pipe
  • 180-degree visibility is great for the ideal scuba diving experience



  • They can be quite space-consuming when packing in luggage.


2 Greatever G2 Foldable Full-Face Snorkel Mask

What stood out to us the most about the Greatever G2 Foldable Full-Face Snorkel Mask is its design from a distance. Thankfully, looks were not traded for functionality as this mask also packs a curved mirror design which ensures your line of vision is always kept in sight.

The adjustable straps on the unit are highly thoughtful, making it possible for multiple users to adjust the mask to size. Finally, you will find out that the foldable design of this mask makes it easy to pack with you when traveling or simply going to the beach.

We especially love the way silicone was used to separate the mouth and nose sections of the mask. This helps ensure that the heat and breath from either nose or mouth do not get into the other section, effectively keeping out the formation of fog.

Likewise, silicone does hold its own when it comes to protecting against leaks.


  • High-quality silicone helps prevents leaks and fog formation
  • Curved screen helps improve visibility and underwater experience
  • Also, ships with a removable camera mount to record your experience for later



  • Might not be ideal for those used to a regular snorkel set

3 UniGear Full Face Snorkel Mask

UniGear is no newbie to the snorkel mask game, but they upped the ante when they introduced an upgraded safety version of an earlier snorkel mask in this Full-Face Snorkel Mask.

The first thing that comes to sight with this unit is that you have to pick the right size for your kind of face. This means that they are not big on adjustable straps that fit all faces, but that could have advantages of their own for safety purposes.

The safety system in this face mask has seen the airflow system upgraded to three (3) – whereas most units on the market make do with just two (2). This helps to keep the CO2 out for real and reduce the causes of dizziness and even suffocation.

Beyond that, there are the inclusions of an extra anti-leak seal ring, quick-release buttons, and adjustable straps within the chosen size guide. In short, even non-beginners will feel right at home with this one


  • Highly customized for the safety of the wearer
  • Optimized in different sizes for different head sizes
  • Panoramic glass does expand your field of view



  • Mask may fatigue users if used for too long at once


4 G2RISE SN01 Full Face Snorkel Mask

If you haven’t heard of this G2RISE SN01 Full Face Snorkel Mask, there is not much to worry about. Afterall, it just offers one of the best designs we have seen in line with a generous finish and high regard for safety.

Alright then, maybe we lied.

The best thing about this full-face mask is the CO2 sensor which tracks how much of the gas is coming back into the air you are inhaling – helping to keep the carbon dioxide levels below 4%. That kicks against accidents from getting dizzy and suffocating all of a sudden.

Perhaps better than that is the fact that this unit is way beginner-friendly, so you might have your pick cut out for you if you’re just starting.



  • Beginner-friendly unit
  • Sensor dedicated to keeping CO2 out of the air system
  • Elastic and easy wear straps make it possible to get the best fit



  • Does not suction well to the face for some


5 DIVELUX Full Face Snorkel Mask

When you see a company with ‘dive’ in its name also making a snorkel mask, know that they are not here to play. The DIVELUX Full Face Snorkel Mask is evident of that, even shipping with a free waterproof case for your smartphone and e-book for those special ones who dare to pick up this amazing unit.

So, what makes it amazing?

Perhaps, it is the fact that the mask has a dry top which prevents water from entering even when a wave sweeps over you. Or, it might be the fact that it is made in different sizes so that you can pick the right one and not have to depend on straps adjustments on one-size-fits-all type of units.

For others, it could be the fact that this mask just works.

Whatever it is for you, note that breathing underwater with this mask will be an easy deal even if you are not an experienced swimmer.



  • Ships with amazing freebies
  • Mask allows users to dive up to 10 feet without hassles
  • Great for beginner and experienced divers



  • Flat face design could feel claustrophobic for some



For one, you now know why these masks are all the rave. For the other, this free breath snorkel mask review has exposed you to some of the best picks on the market right now.

With both settled, when will you be going on your next/ first snorkeling trip – and which of these masks will you rather have in your luggage too?

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