diving frog kick

Diving frog kick | finning technique

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The frog kick is efficient as it allows a diver to move forward with less effort than other finning techniques. It also uses less energy and puts less strain on the legs. 

Look at the diagrams to go with each basic step and watch the video below. However, you need to learn this technique with an instructor and remember, practice makes perfect.

With the diving frog kick, you are doing similar movements to the breast stroke but with much less leg movement. The power is in your fins so use your ankles to do the movement, not your whole leg. 


The first step is getting into the correct position. Your knees should be bent upwards 90 degrees. Unlike when you are swimming and your body is horizontal.  

diving frog kick
Step 1: Starting position


The second step is to open the fins, pull them apart. The movement should all be in the ankles/feet and movement of the knees/upper legs should be minimal. Your power will come from your fins so remember it is the fins you are moving to glide forward. 

Step 2: Open fins


The third step involves bringing the fins back together but in a rounded motion – imagine you have to draw a circle with your fins.

Step 3: Circle fins back to center


The fourth step is when you glide forward. Knees are still partially bent. Heels and fins together.

Step 4: Glide

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