• AQUAVUE-Voyager-Clear-Bottom-Inflatable-RaftAQUAVUE-Voyager-Clear-Bottom-Inflatable-Raft

    AQUAVUE Voyager – Clear Bottom Inflatable Raft


    CLEAR BOTTOM VIEWING WINDOW – See what you’ve been missing! The clear and flexible raft bottom allows the rider to view underwater
    CONVENIENT PULL ROPE – Allows the rider to be hand pulled along the beach, coral reef, or around the pool
    SAFETY HANDLE/OAR LOCK – These handles are extremely strong, durable, and can even be used to guide paddles for rowing (Paddles not included)

  • Scubapro-Hydros-Pro-wAir-2-WomensScubapro-Hydros-Pro-wAir-2-Womens

    Scubapro Hydros Pro w/Air 2 Womens


    No need for any special tools. Kit pre-switched to color kit.
    Ultra Durable: Patented Injection Molded Monprene Gel Harness is extremely resistant to UV, chemicals and abrasion. The fabric-free harness uses no velcro or zippers.
    “BC-4-Life” Modular Design: Customizable to add/remove weight systems, straps and pouches. Extended lifespan due to simplified repairs. Virtually every component, including buckles, can be replaced without stitching.

  • Sale! Sea-Window-Tortuga-Deluxe-Snorkeling-Window-with-Camera-MountSea-Window-Tortuga-Deluxe-Snorkeling-Window-with-Camera-Mount

    Sea Window Tortuga Deluxe Snorkeling Window with Camera Mount


    Portable inflatable viewing window perfect for adults or kids who don’t want to use a mask and snorkel.
    Fill the double-layered clear window with water for sharp, magnified view of the underwater world – or use with air between the lenses for lighter weight.
    The Sea Window’s patented design using Aqua-optics is an advancement in underwater viewing that improves that of a mask – get a crystal clear view underwater without wearing a mask or snorkel.

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