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You’re looking for the best dive knife for under $50 and the truth is, there are definitely a good selection of quality diving knives available that fit your budget.

Here we begin by mentioning our top 3 and then follow that by mentioning any worthy contenders. For those in a hurry, our top choice is the Promate Scuba Dive Snorkel Titanium Knife (4 3/8″ Blade) with straps and sheath. Click the text or image for best price. 

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We are guessing you want to get straight to our list of best dive knives for under $50 so we are going to get right to the winner’s list. You can read about the various features you should look out for in a dive knife below our knives list. (Post updated March 2019)

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1. Promate Scuba Dive Snorkel Titanium Knife (4 3/8″ Blade) with straps and sheath

Click image to view on AmazonThis Promate comes both with sharp or blunt tip. Both types have a serrated edge and line cutter. Why go for a blunt tip? It prevents you stabbing yourself under the water, especially when you’re putting it back in the attachment.

It comes with 2 rubber straps for leg attachment and a durable ABS plastic sheath.  The titanium construction means it is rust-free and light. It also has a Titanium End Butt for hammering or as a tank banger to signal underwater.

The handle is comfortable and has rubber grips. It features a double push release button for a secure lock.

Check best price and more details for the Promate Titanium here 

Silver medal

2. Aqua Lung Squeeze Lock Knife, Blunt

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This Aqua Lung is stainless steel which many divers prefer. If looked after properly and rinsed after every dive to wash away the salt water, you’ll prevent rust and it will hold up well.

This knife is a good fit for those who already have an Aqua Lung  or Seaquest BC as it designed specifically to fit. However, it will fit other brands of BCD –  it comes with stainless steel “barnacle nuts” to mount onto your BC or you may use a hose mount kit.

If you’re looking for more info on the Aqua Lung BC or on the hunt for the best travel BCDs, check out our post here

It uses a locking system that will release on the “squeeze” of the handle.

Check best price and more details for the Aqua Lung Squeeze here 

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3. Cressi Skorpion Dive Knife

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Cressi is a reputable brand and they offer this knife with options of blunt or pointed tip. 

It is stainless steel and the blade is tempered AISI 304 steel. One edge is straight and the other serrated. 

It includes a wire cutter which is very useful for divers. 

It comes with a sheath and two leg straps included. 

The sheath features a secure locking system yet the knife is easily released and boasts a “one-hand” release mechanism.

Check best price and more details for the Cressi Skorpion here

The following knife may not have made our top 3, but it is a worthy contender when considering the best dive knife under $50.

Promate Scuba Diving Snorkeling Sharp Tip Stainless Steel Knife (5″ Blade)

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Another Promtate but stainless steel this time (Grade 304).

The Promate Barracuda Sharp Tip Scuba Diving Knife has a blade length of 5 inches and a stainless steel hammer on the handle bottom.

It can be easily taken apart for maintenance or cleaning purposes. It secures in the sheath yet has a quick release feature.

For more details and best price for the Promate Stainless Steel click here

Tusa Imprex X-Pert II Titanium Drop Point Dive Knife with Sheath and Leg Strap

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Finally, we have to mention this knife although it does not make our list for best dive knife under $50!  It would be top of the list if we were to consider the best dive knife under $100, or even $90! 

So if you are willing to invest that little bit more for a very good knife,  we highly recommend the Tusa Imprex Titanium.

For more details and best price for the Tusa X-Pert II Titanium click here

Features to consider when choosing a dive knife…

Before you make your final decision on the best dive knife for you, let’s examine the most important features to consider before you take the plunge (LOL).


Your choice will usually be stainless steel or titanium which are both resistant to corrosion. Naturally this is important as it’ll be underwater! Whether you decide upon a titanium dive knife or a stainless steel model, you need to maintain your dive knife. 

To keep it rust-free for as long as possible, it is essential to rinse it in fresh water after your dive and allow it to dry before replacing into its sheath. Oil it regularly and you’ll need to sharpen it occasionally. 


Titanium dive knives may cost more than stainless steel but with their high resistance to corrosion and because they are lighter in weight, they are often the avid diver’s choice.

A titanium dive knife could weigh half the weight of a similar sized stainless steel knife.

Many will opt for nothing less than titanium but these dive knives are generally more expensive than stainless steel. The Promate, our top dive knife below $50 is Titanium. We have also picked out another option below $50 – the Scuba Titanium BC Knife. 

The Scuba Titanium BC is a very basic Titanium dive knife with a serrated edge. It is light, effective and good value for money if you want a titanium dive knife under 50 bucks.






Stainless steel dive knives are also resistant to corrosion but not to the extent of their titanium counterparts. You’ll see a series number in the 300s or 400s on a stainless steel dive knife. 

A 400 is sharper but more prone to corrosion. A 300 isn’t quite as sharp but is more resistant to corrosion. So the lower the number, the more corrosion-proof the dive knife is. Remember though, the lower the number the lower the power of the blade precision. 

stainless steel grade


Consider the knife will be on your person so the lighter the knife the better. Also if you are travelling by air, consider the weight in your luggage. Every ounce counts when we are packing those last minute essentials!

The overall length or size of the knife is also a consideration. A big dive knife is not necessary and can be cumbersome. Most divers prefer a small knife that will fit nicely in its sheath without hindering your movement. A small knife with a blade less than 3” is usually adequate.

Some divers may bring a second knife for backup knife or tougher situations.  A small one and a larger one for cutting through more complex material. (4” or 5” is adequate).

So the purpose of a blunt tip knife is to prevent you stabbing hoses, your suit, BCD or your good self! Many divers go for blunt tip and find this sufficient as the knife edge is used for any cutting. If you want to spearfish, you’ll need a pointed tip. If you want the best of both worlds, a tanto tip knife is a hybrid of blunt and sharp tip. This is usually not under $50 but if you want to stretch a little for a tanto tip, this Aqua Lung  is a good choice. 


Many dive knives have both straight and serrated features. One front and one back. Serrated will work like a saw on tougher obstacles while the straight edge will clean cut softer materials more effectively. Many dive knives also have a notch for easily cutting fishing line.

Some knives have a metal butt on the end of the handle that can be used as a hammer or if you need to clunk on your scuba tank to get attention.  

Your options for carrying your knife underwater are to attach it to your leg or arm with a strap or to mount it onto your BCD or belt.  Check that the knife you want to purchase comes with a sheath and straps. They generally do. It is important that you feel comfortable with your choice of location to keep your knife underwater. 

Also, consider reach- can you reach it easily and without obstruction? Can you draw it easily from its sheath with one hand? Or how about a foldable dive knife?

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An option that won’t require a sheath is a foldable knife. If you want a strong, small, foldable knife for under $50, you could consider the Spyderco Ladybug 3.

This little foldable dive knife could be included as a worthy contender in our list for best dive knife under $50. It is powerful, a quality brand and highly rated.

If you want to read a little more or if you’re already convinced, click the image to check the best current price.


Choosing a dive knife is dependent upon your personal needs and preferences. Do you want a scuba diving knife with a blunt or sharp tip? Do you prefer titanium or stainless steel? 

We’ve done our best to outline the features to look out for in this post and we’ve gone through the top rated dive knives that you can get for under $50.You’ve established you want a knife under $50, but after that, which dive knife depends upon your preferences and opting for the features that will personally serve you best. 

So examine the features we talk about in this post and consider your own situation and what’s best for you.  If you’re still not sure, you can’t go wrong with our number one choice, the Promate Scuba Dive Snorkel Titanium Knife (4 3/8″ Blade) with straps and sheath .We consider this to be the best knife under 50 and it won’t break your budget. 

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