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You’re on a quest for the best automatic dive watch under 1000 and when it comes to watches, it would seem as though the technology has just about displaced it in terms of convenience. We glance at our smartphone for the time and a lot more… underwater we rely on dive computers.

However, dive watches have not been entirely replaced by technology. Many of us still like wear a dive watch and watch manufacturers have noticed the demand and continue to bring us innovative and attractive time pieces that can withstand great depths. When it comes to choosing a watch, our options are plentiful. 

For those in a hurry, DiversDock top choice is the Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster. It also topped our list in our post on scuba dive watches with depth gauge



So, what should you be looking for when you buy an automatic watch? Here are some things to consider:

● Personal preferences: Get an automatic watch that you like and one that suits you. It sounds simple enough, but these watches often have so many features that it can be easy to become confused. Not every watch will suit every person, so it’s important to have a particular look in mind.

● Size really does matter: Make sure that it’s not too big or too small for your wrist. Once again, it sounds simple, but you’d be surprised at how many people fall for a specific watch due to the way it looks or its features and ignore that it may be too big or too small for their wrist. For example, if you have large hands, a larger watch will be more appropriate. The same is true for people with smaller and more delicate hands.

● Security: Always choose a secure strap because you’ll definitely need it on your dives. If you’re going to be diving with the watch on, the strap needs to be durable and secure. You will have invested significant money into the watch, so the last thing you want is for it to fall off your wrist because the strap is inferior.

● Budget considerations: Make sure that it remains within your budget. If you can only afford a $6500 watch, make sure you stick to this. Having said that, there are occasions when one watch is significantly better and more suitable for not much more money, so just use your judgment on this one.

● Features: Check that it has all of the functions you need. Think about why you want the watch in the first place. For example, if you need it to be water resistant to a certain depth, it’s not good to look for watches that don’t meet this requirement. 


What’s the best automatic dive watch under 1000?

Here is a selection of superb dive watches for under $1,000. Any one of these can withstand the depths and weather the elements while keeping your budget in mind. 

Citizen Eco-Drive

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At under $1000, this good looking Citizen watch is a very solid purchase. It’s made of durable and strong stainless steel and the dial face is very easy to read even in dim light due to luminous numerals and indices. 

Whereas older automatic watches were powered by the movement of the wrist, this Citizen uses special eco-drive technology. This means that the functions are powered by light, but what happens when you’re diving deep and there’s a lack of light? This is where the Citizen has you covered – it has a backup battery that will work when the eco-drive technology isn’t. 

The Japanese make excellent watches and include plenty of technology in them and this one is no exception. Being water resistant to 660 feet also means that you’re going to be covered for most casual diving situations, too.

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Pantor Seahorse 1000m

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Featuring a high quality Japanese movement, the Pantor represents one of the best buys around in the world of automatic diving watches. The 9015 movement is powered by a 28 800 vibration beat rate and even has a power reserve of 40 hours. This makes it incredibly durable and reliable.

It’s a good looking watch too, with stainless steel bezels, and attractive face with lovely deep blue dial surround, and a link bracelet that can easily be extended to fit any size wrist snugly. In many ways, the Pantor looks to the past for inspiration and comes up with a winning combination of features that can be had relatively inexpensively.

Throw in rated water resistance up to 3300 feet and it’s easy to see why the Pantor is a great choice for serious diving professionals. 

Original Japanese automatic 9015 movement with a 28.800 beat rate and about 40 hours of power reserve.


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Luminox 3603 Men’s Navy Seal

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The Swiss made Luminox, featuring a sapphire crystal face, is one of the most attractive diving watches available. The durable orange band and sea blue face with dark blue striations looks absolutely gorgeous on any wrist. The Luminox really does stand out in this field!

It’s water resistant to 330 feet, just like the Citizen, but is more appealingly priced at just under $500. This makes it a great bargain buy for anyone who is into casual and semi-serious diving. The strong, lightweight, and durable carbonox casing material creates a look that really fits well with the Navy Seal inspired design.


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Mido Ocean Star Captain

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The Swiss made Mido watch represents high quality, tradition, and reliability. Mido has been making watches for close to a century and their experience in watch design really shows in this model. When you want the best in aesthetics and functionality, Mido is a name to be reckoned with.

The Mido Ocean Star Captain is a fully automatic watch with classic reliable Swiss movement that is water resistant to 330 feet. The watch face is truly beautiful and luminous indices are easy to see even in dim or no light. In fact, everything is easy to see on the Mido, and this is testament to their classic design philosophy.


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Casio is a name that has been associated with electronic products for a long time and this experience shows in the long-running Frogman line of diver’s watches. This may not be the most retro looking design around, or even the most aesthetically appealing, but if these features are what you want, then this is the only one to buy.

The fact that the Casio Frogman is water resistant up to 330 feet is only part of its charm. It features an asymmetric design that, while not as classic or traditional as some, is highly practical for modern divers of all persuasions. This design means that the wrist has full and complete unrestricted movement, which is an important consideration for all professional divers.

The Casio Frogman has been designed with durability and precision in mind. Not only is it part of the highly shock resistant G-Shock line of diver’s watches, but it also features three sensors that measure temperature, water depth, and compass bearings. In fact, the Casio has been designed to be reliable in even the most hostile environments, which makes it ideal for the professional diver, the military, and marine personnel.

As if this were not enough, Casio has seen fit to ensure that this Frogman model can receive time calibration signals from up to six global stations. This means that you’ll always have reliable time no matter where you are in the world.

Casio rounds off a feature rich diver’s watch with a corrosion and rust-proof titanium housing. It may not win any beauty contests when compared to some other automatic watches, but the Casio is certainly one of the most rugged and professional watches around and will last for many years of good and reliable service.

The Frogman comes in just around the 1k figure so if you’re on a quest for the best automatic dive watch under 1000… this superb Casio may just about squeeze into you list of contenders. 

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